3rd November 2015: Fairtrade East Grinstead reaffirms its link with the Town Council

Fairtrade East Grinstead reaffirms its link with the Town Council.

On Monday 6th July 2015, three members of Fairtrade East Grinstead visited the Town Council during their meeting that month. Henry Grub and Lauren Armstrong, of Imberhorne School, and Sue Joy, Convenor, gave a presentation to the Council, explaining what they do, what Fairtrade is and how they promote themselves. Henry and Lauren then spoke about the achievements Imberhorne has gained over the past couple of years.

They then spoke about the future of Fairtrade in East Grinstead and Imberhorne specifically. Afterwards they spoke about potential scenarios leading up to 2016.

The presentation was very well received by the Councillors, all of whom applauded. Henry and Lauren were especially commended for presenting in front of the Council.

To follow up this successful evening, Mrs Joy has sent the mayor, Cllr Dick Sweatman, a letter (dated 3rd November), in which Fairtrade East Grinstead makes several suggestions:

Flying a banner from East Court Mansion saying that East Grinstead is a Fairtrade Town, especially during Fairtrade Fortnight. All the churches in EG have agreed to do this.

Have a page on the EG Town Council website with links to our website as well as that of the Fairtrade Foundation.

Have a regular annual slot at a full Town Council meeting, i.e. July, where Fairtrade EG can report back on what has happened during the year and what we are planning.

Have a Fairtrade Breakfast for Councillors and staff at the Town Council Offices during Fairtrade Fortnight 2016.

Having Fairtrade wine for all Council events – we can organise a wine tasting for Councillors during Fairtrade Fortnight 2016.

Having road signs on all roads into the Town similar to Lingfield and Edenbridge saying that EG is a Fairtrade Town.

Additionally, Mrs Joy added that "there are interesting developments at County level as WSCC is poised to become a Fairtrade County following the lead of Surrey and other towns and cities throughout the country.  This will be a very positive move which will impinge on all local government departments and council offices."

Fairtrade East Grinstead are always keen to further its affiliation to the Town Council, as East Grinstead is an official Fairtrade Town.