Due to the pandemic, meetings will resume as soon as possible.

EG Town Mayor, Danny Favor, with Gurka Restaurant Owner Mr Pandi, Sue Joy, Fairtrade EG and Jennie Hollins, EG Museum at the Charity Fundraiser Quiz and Meal on 2nd March.
Fairtraders, Tina and Mike Causton at EG Library during Fairtrade Fortnight.
Fairtrade West Sussex celebrate their Fairtrade County status!
Imberhorne School students run workshops at local primary schools, July 2017
Imberhorne School Fairtrade Day, March 2016


February 2021

Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 22 February - 7 March. Please look at the Fairtrade Foundation's website for details of a variety of virtual events including a Fairtrade Quiz to be held on Friday 5 March www.fairtrade.org.uk  The theme of this year's Fairtrade Fortnight is Choose the world you want.

November 2020

Fairtrade Lingfield & Dormansland invites you to partake in their Fairtrade Christmas Pudding Party @HOME! An @HOME cooking kit costs £10 - book by the 7th November. More info & to book email: gillwilliams2000@yahoo.co.uk

March 2020

Fairtrade Fortnight has been a great success! Lots has happened across the town, find out more here!

2nd March 2020

The Ghurka held the Fairtrade Charity Quiz and fundraising meal during Fairtrade Fortnight 2020. £554 was raised each for Traidcraft Exchange and the EG Museum - thanks to those who attended the event!

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24th February 2020

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight 2020, St Peter's Primary School hosted it's annual Fairtrade Breakfast for 55 chrildren, plus town Mayor Danny Favor. Schools across East Grinstead have got involved this year!

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October 2019

Fairtrade EG convenor, Sue Joy, and the Amos Trust visited Palastine to see first hand the difference Fairtrade is making to the people there. Through the Zaytoun company, fairly traded Palestinian products are on sale here in the UK.

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Take a look at the lastest from the Fairtrade Foundation:

News from Fairtrade:

Fairtrade at an unprecedented time: Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the whole world and changing the lives of many, here at home and abroad. Find out how the pandemic is changing the lives of farmers, and what Fairtrade is doing about it on their dedicated page.

See the story here.

Help support Traidcraft this Christmas!

Traidcraft are the original fair trade pioneers in the UK, advocating the importance of organic farming, sustainability and transparency to the lives of growers and artisans around the world. It was founded back in 1979, when it published its first hand-drawn catalogue, quickly followed by introducing the first Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar to the UK. Visit www.traidcraft.co.uk

More money for cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast

Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's are ramping up their living wage for farmers approach ijn the Ivory Coast, in parrnership with Fairtrade. From October 2020, the 5000 farmers supplying cocoa for the ice cream will receive an extra $600,000 over the next year. See the full story.

Funding to protect cotton farmers in India hit hard by Covid

Fairtrade has received $80,000 from Germany to provide food and income security for smallholder cotton farmers fighting the impact of Covid-19 in India. It will secure income for over 2000 farmers and prep for when trading resumes.

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East Grinstead is a Fairtrade Town, one of 500 towns, boroughs and villages, in the UK recognised by the Fairtrade Foundation.

By buying Fairtrade products in East Grinstead and supporting our activities you can bring about positive change and make a difference. Being a Fairtrade town boosts civic pride and offers an opportunity to act and celebrate together.